Father’s Day Soccer

Yes, tomorrow is Father’s Day so what would you like to do on that special day?  Play soccer, of course.  So, bring white and dark color shirts and water for 9AM to Harrington School fields (not Murphy yet) ready to play.  See you there.

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3 Responses to Father’s Day Soccer

  1. David says:

    Hi, which school in chemsford are you guys playing?

    • Hi David, We are currently playing at Harrington Field, but starting 6/29 we will be switching to Murphy Field. You can always find the current field and directions on the About/Directions tab on our website at http://www.chelmsfordsundaysoccer.com.

      • David says:

        Hi, I’m David the new guy, it was so much fun playing with an awesome crowd last Sunday , everybody was very friendly and respectful and what a workout I got, I could not move the next day but it was worth it, can’t wait until next Sunday to play again, thank you very much for putting this event together, see you next Sunday .

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