You know that you’ve been wanting to play all week

Rainy on Saturday, but Sunday morning is predicted to be clear. Even if raining, we play if it is not heavy rain.

Some of you still owe me notes for missing soccer two weeks ago and last week. I looked it up, they don’t have to be translated from Australian. Nice try.

White shirt, dark shirt, and never a grey shirt. We kick-off at 9:00 and are playing all the way to 11:00 this week. No quitting early. We had a very competitive game last week.

I hope to see everyone there. Hope that we play the full field with keepers.

See you all on Sunday.


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Mother’s Day Soccer

So, here is the recommended plan for those of you that have mothers in your lives.  Get up early and make that nice breakfast.  Flowers are always nice.  Then get out of her way and come out for pickup soccer and give her a nice quiet morning.  Bring the kids if you have to.  But come out to Murphy field at 9am for a game.  The weather should be nice for a change.  Bring a white shirt and a dark shirt (no gray shirts), some water and a friend (maybe even that mother in your life).  Last week, we had a nice 5 v 5.  We are looking for some more people so we can start using the full field.  Hope to see you there.

And Happy Mother’s Day!

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Let’s have a soccer game

The weather for this Sunday looks good. It may be our first full game of the season. I, for one, am looking forward to it.

Murphy Field. Be ready to kick-off at 9:00 AM. Anyone high school age and older is welcome to play.

If you are not going to be there this Sunday, you need to provide a note from your mother or your spouse. I’ll expect those on my desk by Monday. Otherwise, white shirt and dark shirt. Never a grey shirt.


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Week two…

We had a good 6 v 6 of pickup soccer last week at Murphy field.  I understand more are expected this week.  We have a full sized field so lets try and get a full game going.  As always, we start at 9am at Murphy field (see directions on main menu).  Bring a white shirt and a dark shirt so we can divide into teams.  See you there!

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Let’s Get Started!!

Well, happy spring! We just got permission from CYSA to use Murphy Field, so we are on for our first pickup soccer game of the spring. The usual guidelines:
– We start at 9am on Sunday (try to arrive earlier to warm up)
– Bring a white (not grey) shirt and a colored shirt so we can evenly split up teams
– Everyone high school age or older is welcome
– Yes, this is a mixed gender game, so please come out regardless…
– This is a friendly game with no refs so we try to keep it very clean
– We play ’til 11am (or until we can’t walk any more)
– Let’s have some fun!

Directions to Murphy Field can be found on the menu of the Chelmsford Sunday Soccer home page.

See you there.

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Waiting for a field

Like everyone else, CYSA is having a slow start this spring. I know that the MIAA has already moved back the playoffs for school sports this spring. This is the earliest that they have ever taken that step.

W most likely will not get a field until April 21st. We’ll start then. The turf fields are in use for Lacrosse.

When we start, remember that we welcome all players high school age and older to our Sunday morning games.

This coming weekend we do not have a game. So this is the Sunday for you to wear that grey shirt all that you’d like. While waiting, you can get your cleats out of the closet, put some air in the ball, and do a bit of running. Soon we’ll be back on the field.


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January Thaw — who wants to play?

Rodrigo points out that the weather this Sunday is going to be unseasonably warm. There is no snow on the turf at McCarthy. We should have a game. Who’s in?

White shirt, dark shirt, no grey shirt. Let’s get together at McCarthy turf field for a 9:00 AM kick-off.


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