The upside of global warming

Still early, but the weather looks unseasonably warm for this Sunday. It looks like soccer weather to me.

We had a nice game last week with 7 v 6. Would love to see every one of you out to play this Sunday at Harrington. Kick-off at 9:00 AM. Bring a white shirt. Bring a dark shirt. Do not bring a grey shirt as it seriously makes us concerned about your listening skills.

And…just because the USMNT has yet to call me, does not mean that I should let up on my training. You have to come out to help me get ready (should they call).


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USMNT may be looking for new players. I should step up my training.

We’ve had very good games recently. We’ve sized the field for the number of players who show up. The weather is supposed to be perfect tomorrow, it is not any holiday (that I am aware of), and some former Australians may even show up to play (looking at you Dave Barlow and Jamie). Hope to see you all on Sunday.

Bring a white shirt and a dark shirt and never a grey shirt. Let’s see if we can get started close to 9:00 AM. Just a reminder that we are still at Harrington.


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If it rains, we’re canceling

Today is awesomely perfect weather. The forecast for Sunday is less clear. Since we are playing on grass, know that we are NOT playing if it rains. We don’t want to beat up the field.

We hope that the rain holds off until after our game. However, we won’t know that until the morning.


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Let’s play soccer!

Last week we had a very nice game at Harrington. Since it is perfect weather for soccer, I am expecting everyone to show up this week.

Not all of you are on teams that train five days a week. They’re excused. Everybody else is expected to be ready to kick-off at 9:00 AM.

Oh, and no grey shirts.


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We are actually at Harrington — really

Sorry for the confusion

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Ignore last post. Game is at MURPHY

Sorry for the confusion. Our game is moving to Murphy. Murphy.


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Game at Harrington — Really

With all of the E-Mails flying back and forth, I seemingly got confused. We are at HARRINGTON tomorrow morning. Sorry for the mix-up. I had kind of a “grey shirt” moment.

CYSA would like us to move our game to the 11 v 11 field at Harrington.

There are clinics at Harrington on Sunday morning, but not on the 11 v 11 field. We’re using that.

Tony…if Eric is back from France, please tell him where we’ll be.

Weather looks great. See you guys there.


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