January Thaw — who wants to play?

Rodrigo points out that the weather this Sunday is going to be unseasonably warm. There is no snow on the turf at McCarthy. We should have a game. Who’s in?

White shirt, dark shirt, no grey shirt. Let’s get together at McCarthy turf field for a 9:00 AM kick-off.


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Assume that there is a game unless you hear otherwise

Every Sunday at 9:00 AM we try to have a game. Sometimes the weather does not cooperate. We’ve moved back to McCarthy turf field for the cold months. We had a nice turnout this past Sunday. It was an 8 v 8 And we played all the way to 11:00.

Personally, I don’t play when it is below 38 degrees, but everyone has their own threshold of what “too cold” means to them. A hat and gloves help.

Last winter we got to play at least once in every month. When the weather conditions looked particularly good, we’d send out a post to rally the troops. But DO NOT rely only on the posts. If you think that the weather is such that you want to play, go to the field for 9:00 AM.

When we are on the grass fields, we cancel when it is wet in order to protect the fields. When we are on the turf, that is not a problem. Some winter games don’t happen, even if the weather is nice, because the field is not clear. Even an orange soccer ball doesn’t really help in the snow. (We used to have an orange soccer ball, but Erik kicked it into the brook at Murphy. LOL)

So, use common sense and assume that if it is nice enough out for us to play, that we’re playing unless you get a message otherwise. We’ll try to post as appropriate.

Even in the winter, bring a white shirt and a dark shirt, but not a grey shirt. Yes, grey can be under the other shirt, but not the one on top.


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Turkey Bowl 2017 at McCarthy

Great way to run off a bit of the pie that you’ve eaten over the Thanksgiving holiday. We’re going to try to move back to McCarthy for the winter. The weather for this Sunday looks very acceptable for a good game. It should be about 40 degrees and sunny.

I’ll have the cones with me in case we need them. Bring a white shirt, a dark shirt, and never a grey shirt. Bring a friend. If they’re high school age or older, then they’re old enough. Bruce and I are trying to make sure that we prove that you’re never too old to play (for the USMNT).

I hope that we have a big game. I would particularly like to see some of you slackers that we have not seen for a while. If you’re staying away from soccer on Sundays because there is a game on TV that you want to see, please have your kids explain to you how to record a program.

See you Sunday.


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I’m not saying that it is warm outside

I’m kind of hoping that the weather forecast is a bit off for tomorrow. The good news is that dry weather is predicted. The bad news is that it will be a little chilly. Hats and gloves may be needed for the start of the game. Long sleeves are decidedly a must. Bring white shirt,bring a dark shirt. See you at Harrington.

I am trying to work out a deal where we go to Florida or Puerto Rico every weekend of the winter to play soccer. Leave Friday night and return Sunday night. The details are still being worked on. Until then, let’s just keep playing in Chelmsford.


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Fall back into soccer

This is the weekend where the clocks “fall back”. Personally, I think that changing the clocks is kind of stupid. But, they’ll change whether I like it or not. The advantage of the “fall back” is that none of you has an excuse to be late for soccer. We kick off at 9:00 AM at Harrington.

Please be careful to bring a dark shirt and a white shirt and never a grey shirt. This might be the week that the USMNT sends a scout to look at me. If so, I want us to look sharp.

See you all on the field.


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Hoping for another good game this week

Usually by Friday afternoon we have a pretty good look at what the Sunday morning weather will be. This week, there is a 50-60% chance of rain on Sunday morning. However, this does not mean that it going to rain for sure. Plan to play at Harrington at 9:00 and keep an eye on the weather.

If it is not raining, hope to see you all at Harrington. We had a good game last week. Bring a white shirt. Bring a dark shirt. Fairly good job last week not bringing grey shirts. All joking aside, when each player has brought the correct shirts, it allows us to balance the teams in a way that makes the game fun for everyone.

If it rains Sunday, we’re staying off the grass fields. I know that the fields were closed for several days this week. Let’s take good care of them. I am hoping that we get our game in before the next rainstorm.

I have yet to hear from the USMNT, but I’m pretty sure that they’re not that active right now. I’ll give it a few weeks before I wonder if they’re going to call. My new cleats are broken in. So, I’m ready if they call. I’ll just keep training.


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The upside of global warming

Still early, but the weather looks unseasonably warm for this Sunday. It looks like soccer weather to me.

We had a nice game last week with 7 v 6. Would love to see every one of you out to play this Sunday at Harrington. Kick-off at 9:00 AM. Bring a white shirt. Bring a dark shirt. Do not bring a grey shirt as it seriously makes us concerned about your listening skills.

And…just because the USMNT has yet to call me, does not mean that I should let up on my training. You have to come out to help me get ready (should they call).


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