Did anybody leave a ball at the field?

I picked up a ball at the end of play yesterday. If you are missing your ball, please let me know. You can either comment on this post, e-mail me at 1L0J7M@gmail.com, or call/text me at (978) 729-6805.


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Perfect, perfect, perfect weather for soccer

Not really a debate, but this Sunday is going to be so perfect for soccer. I know that it is vacation time, but those of us in town need to get together for a game. See you for a 9:00 AM kick-off at McCarthy. White shirt, dark shirt, never a grey shirt. If we could get 8 v 8 in the rain last week, we should be able to have 11 v. 11 this week. Hope to see you all there.

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Good news and bad news

The good news is that the forecast calls for us getting some much needed rain. The bad news is that the rain is during the time we usually play. Since we’re playing on turf, it may not impact our game. Soccer is played in the rain. No thunder predicted. If the rain is not too bad, hope that we can get a game in.

Bring a white shirt and a dark shirt (never a grey shirt) and come for a good run on Sunday. Hope to see everybody.

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McCarthy for the Summer

We had a nice turn out last Sunday at McCarthy Middle School turf field.  We will continue to have out pickup games there for the summer in an effort to save wear and tear on Murphy field (grass).  So, lets meet again this Sunday at 9AM at McCarthy Middle School (see directions menu item for a map).  Bring a white and dark shirt and a friend.  All are welcome.

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Change of field for July 3rd

Well, it should be a perfect morning to play some soccer on Sunday.  Because the water sprinklers went on in the middle of the game last week, we will be moving to McCarthy Middle School turf field this week. If you get there and the field is occupied by someone else, head on over to Murphy and we will deal with the sprinklers.

See you at 9AM on Sunday.  Bring a white and dark shirt and plenty of water.

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Memorial Day Weekend Soccer

Sunday should be a great day to play soccer.  I hope you can all find a few hours in your busy Memorial Day weekend to have our pickup game.  See you at 9am at Murphy field.  Remember to bring a white and a dark shirt and plenty of water.

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Reminder – playing at Murphy

Just a reminder that we will be playing at Murphy field for the remainder of the spring.  The field looked good last week.  We played about 7 v 7 last week (Mother’s Day) so expect a few more people this week.  See you at 9am for a good pickup game.  Remember, bring a white and a dark shirt so we can even out teams.

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