Be cool and have fun

For twelve years now our Sunday morning pick-up game has been a lot of fun for a lot of us.

The game started out as a way for CYSA soccer coaches to play the game ourselves. It is our belief that playing soccer makes people better coaches who are more understanding of player errors. At some point, the game morphed to include older teens and others.

This season, the feel and tone of the pick-up game feels a bit different than it has in the past. People are dragging a bit, everyone seems to only want to play offense, people are not coming properly prepared to play with two shirts, we’re starting later and later, and clearly there have been too many instances of people not respecting each other or the game.

A few points to consider:

  • Although a game for coaches, we greatly discourage coaching during the pick-up game.
  • Give other people a chance to play up. Take your turn playing defense. It is an opportunity to play positions different than you might normally play. It is a safe place to try stuff out.
  • When communicating with each other, be respectful. It is okay to be intense. It is not okay to be rude.
  • If a disagreement is starting to build between you and someone else, consider moving to a different part of the field. If you’re playing up, perhaps that is the time to move back to defense.
  • Play hard, but realize that all of us are going to make mistakes. Soccer is a game of mistakes.
  • Try to show up on-time, prepared, and willing to switch sides to balance the teams. A fairly balanced pick-up game is more fun for everybody.

Anyone who was at the game Sunday saw a situation escalate that never should have happened and saw people unwilling to deescalate it. In future, anyone (and everyone) who would be “red carded” will be asked to call it a day and come back next week. If you’re involved in an incident that gets out of hand, we’ll ask you to leave and come back on a future Sunday when you can be cool. So, be cool and don’t let things get out of hand.

We particularly hope to see all the adults this coming Sunday. Please try to arrive by 8:45 for a 9:00 AM kick-off. The weather is supposed to be perfect. Let’s have some fun.

Lawrence and Bruce

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Soccer and blueberry pancakes on the same day

This Sunday, the Chelmsford Open Space Stewardship is hosting a blueberry pancake breakfast fundraiser at Brickhouse Pizza in the Center from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The blueberries are from Parlee Farms and the real maple syrup is from Cooking Buckets here in Chelmsford.

So, after soccer I am going over there for some yummy pancakes. Hope to see you guys there too.

Oh, yeah. The weather looks good for soccer Sunday and stop bringing grey shirts with you. It makes everybody crazy. See you Sunday.


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We’re moving to the turf for the next couple of months

In order to let the grass rest on the fields at Murphy, we’re moving our game to the turf field at McCarthy. Among other things, this gives us the opportunity to play when it is raining (if we so choose). Although, we won’t play if there are thunderstorms.

Bring a white shirt and a dark shirt and be prepared to kick-off Sunday at 9:00 at McCarthy. The game for people wearing grey is at a different field.

July and August are hot weather anyway. The turf is a bit hotter. Please make sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.


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Soccer was invented as a Father’s Day activity

Yep. That’s true. Soccer was invented as a way of letting dads and their kids have some fun on Father’s Day. Neckties had not yet been invented. Far be it from us to fight this ancient tradition of playing soccer on Father’s Day. Therefore, I hope to see everyone (not just dads) at Murphy Field Sunday for a 9:00 AM kick-off. This is mostly an adult game, but kids high school age and older are more than welcome too.

There is only a small chance of rain and it is predicted to be cloudy and not too warm (and not too cool). Being that it is New England, the weather could turn out differently, but it looks good from this point.

Please bring a white shirt and a dark shirt, and no grey shirt (I’m looking at you, Bruce). Bring both white and dark so that we can balance the teams as needed. It is especially important to bring your water bottle to stay hydrated.

See you on the pitch.


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Let’s kick-off at 9:00 AM

As the warm weather finally arrives, I suggest that we try to get back to our 9:00 AM start time. Late arrivals can join the game in progress. We’ve been drifting later and later. Time to reset to 9:00 AM at Murphy Field.

Bring water. Bring a white shirt. Bring a dark shirt. Bring a friend. Do not bring a grey shirt.

See you Sunday.


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Goldilocks Weather

The Hourly Weather Forecast for Chelmsford says that Sunday at 9:00 AM is predicted to be 60 and partly cloudy. By 11:00 AM it calls for 66 and cloudy. No rain forecast.

This Sunday should see the return of The Bruce. Hopefully, everybody will show up and we’ll have a fun game at Murphy.


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Memorial Day Weekend Game

Plenty of us are planning to play. We do have a game this Sunday. Historically, we have had a good turnout most holiday weekends. Weather looks spectacular for Sunday.

High School sports should be winding down, college kids should be back in town, and a three-day weekend even gives Tony the chance to recover from playing a full game on Sunday. :~)

Hope to see you all at Murphy. White shirt/dark shirt (no grey shirts). Feel free to bring a friend.


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