We’re moving to the turf for the next couple of months

In order to let the grass rest on the fields at Murphy, we’re moving our game to the turf field at McCarthy. Among other things, this gives us the opportunity to play when it is raining (if we so choose). Although, we won’t play if there are thunderstorms.

Bring a white shirt and a dark shirt and be prepared to kick-off Sunday at 9:00 at McCarthy. The game for people wearing grey is at a different field.

July and August are hot weather anyway. The turf is a bit hotter. Please make sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.


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Soccer was invented as a Father’s Day activity

Yep. That’s true. Soccer was invented as a way of letting dads and their kids have some fun on Father’s Day. Neckties had not yet been invented. Far be it from us to fight this ancient tradition of playing soccer on Father’s Day. Therefore, I hope to see everyone (not just dads) at Murphy Field Sunday for a 9:00 AM kick-off. This is mostly an adult game, but kids high school age and older are more than welcome too.

There is only a small chance of rain and it is predicted to be cloudy and not too warm (and not too cool). Being that it is New England, the weather could turn out differently, but it looks good from this point.

Please bring a white shirt and a dark shirt, and no grey shirt (I’m looking at you, Bruce). Bring both white and dark so that we can balance the teams as needed. It is especially important to bring your water bottle to stay hydrated.

See you on the pitch.


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Let’s kick-off at 9:00 AM

As the warm weather finally arrives, I suggest that we try to get back to our 9:00 AM start time. Late arrivals can join the game in progress. We’ve been drifting later and later. Time to reset to 9:00 AM at Murphy Field.

Bring water. Bring a white shirt. Bring a dark shirt. Bring a friend. Do not bring a grey shirt.

See you Sunday.


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Goldilocks Weather

The Hourly Weather Forecast for Chelmsford says that Sunday at 9:00 AM is predicted to be 60 and partly cloudy. By 11:00 AM it calls for 66 and cloudy. No rain forecast.

This Sunday should see the return of The Bruce. Hopefully, everybody will show up and we’ll have a fun game at Murphy.


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Memorial Day Weekend Game

Plenty of us are planning to play. We do have a game this Sunday. Historically, we have had a good turnout most holiday weekends. Weather looks spectacular for Sunday.

High School sports should be winding down, college kids should be back in town, and a three-day weekend even gives Tony the chance to recover from playing a full game on Sunday. :~)

Hope to see you all at Murphy. White shirt/dark shirt (no grey shirts). Feel free to bring a friend.


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It is the soccer season — let’s play

The weather forecast says there is a 100% chance of rain this Sunday. However, it does not say that it will be raining 100% of the time. The last one I looked at said things like “scattered showers”. My hope is that we can get our game in.

I think that it is okay for us to play in a light rain, but we should stay off of the grass fields when they are too wet. So, check the weather in the morning before you decide to head over to the field. Hope to see you all there.


I also wanted to share a few more opportunities to play pick-up soccer locally. If you know of any others, leave a comment on this post or send me an E-Mail at 1L0J7M@gmail.com

Saturday mornings:

Acton-Boxborough High School
36 Charter Rd,
Acton, MA 01720


I’ve not been to this, but I hear it is a good, but intense, game.

Monday through Friday at Lunch:

Jack Walsh Field
100 Carlisle Road (Route 225)
Westford, MA 01886

Start by 12:15 and end by 1:30

Monday through Friday at Lunch:

Fifer Field
1200 Beaver Brook Rd,
Boxborough, MA 01719

Apparently, you sign in on this website. Look for Boxborough soccer


Start by 12:15 and end by 1:15pm.

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Sky should be clearing…

We had a very good turnout last week at Murphy field.  I know it is a bit messy today (Saturday) but CYSA has not closed the field and the rain should be letting up for Sunday morning so lets give it another go.  We will have our usual pickup soccer game tomorrow, Sunday morning, at 9AM at Murphy field (see menu for directions).  Please bring a white and a dark (not grey) shirt so we can even out teams.  All are welcome and feel free to bring a friend.  I will be checking the CYSA web site for field closings.  If they close the field, we will cancel our pickup game for this week.  So, check back here before leaving the house tomorrow morning.  Is you see nothing new, come on out and play!

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