McCarthy for the Summer

We had a nice turn out last Sunday at McCarthy Middle School turf field.  We will continue to have out pickup games there for the summer in an effort to save wear and tear on Murphy field (grass).  So, lets meet again this Sunday at 9AM at McCarthy Middle School (see directions menu item for a map).  Bring a white and dark shirt and a friend.  All are welcome.

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Change of field for July 3rd

Well, it should be a perfect morning to play some soccer on Sunday.  Because the water sprinklers went on in the middle of the game last week, we will be moving to McCarthy Middle School turf field this week. If you get there and the field is occupied by someone else, head on over to Murphy and we will deal with the sprinklers.

See you at 9AM on Sunday.  Bring a white and dark shirt and plenty of water.

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Memorial Day Weekend Soccer

Sunday should be a great day to play soccer.  I hope you can all find a few hours in your busy Memorial Day weekend to have our pickup game.  See you at 9am at Murphy field.  Remember to bring a white and a dark shirt and plenty of water.

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Reminder – playing at Murphy

Just a reminder that we will be playing at Murphy field for the remainder of the spring.  The field looked good last week.  We played about 7 v 7 last week (Mother’s Day) so expect a few more people this week.  See you at 9am for a good pickup game.  Remember, bring a white and a dark shirt so we can even out teams.

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New Field (and Mother’s Day)

In an effort to promote peace and accord in the households in and around Chelmsford, remember that this Sunday is Mother’s Day.  That being said, I can think of no better way to honor your mother/wife than to quietly sneak out of the house to play soccer and let her get that extra sleep she deserves.  None of this messy breakfast in bed stuff.  And who needs brunch when you can take her out for a nice dinner later in the day.  So, come on out Sunday morning at 9am to Murphy Field to join in a rousing game of pickup soccer and let your loved one sleep.   Regarding the field, CYSA has given permission for us to use the back field at Murphy.  It supports a 11 v 11 game which is good since we have just about that many players last week.  See the menu item above for directions to the field.  And please bring a dark and a white shirt so we can even up the teams.  See you there!

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Getting Warmer

Tomorrow 4/24, should be a really nice morning to play a game of soccer.  See you at 9am at Harrington school field.  Bring a white and a dark shirt and a friend for a fun scrimmage.  I think it is safe to assume we will continue at this time and location until informed otherwise.  So, if I don’t post to the blog in the following weeks, just show at the usual time and place and have a nice kick-around.

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Field Change

Last week we found that we were driven off the McCarthy Middle School turf field by a swarm of lacrosse stick carrying 10 year olds (at least they seemed that small).  We ended up at Harrington Elementary School and had a nice 7 v 6.  Tomorrow should be a perfect day to play so come on out.  Drive by McCarthy and if the lacrosse kids are there again, go over to Harrington.  See directions on the main blog menu.  I have contacted CYSA for formal permission to use one of the fields but until then, lets try this location.  9am as usual and bring a friend.

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