Is the grass really greener at Murphy? Come Sunday and find out.

The weather for Sunday is perfect for a good game. Clear and a bit on the cool side (but not cold). I expect to see everybody at Murphy.

Kick-off at 9:00. White shirt/dark shirt (never a grey shirt). Bring a friend if you’d like.

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Let’s Keep Playing

Well, we had a lively 6 v 6 two weeks ago to kick off our spring.  Then we took last week off for Easter.  So, let’s get back at it this Sunday.   We had a lot of out-of-shape players a few weeks ago.  I am sure we all worked out every day to alleviate that problem (not).  Anyway, as usual, we will start at 9am on Sunday 4/23.  We will once again attempt to play on the McCarthy (see directions menu) artificial turf field if Lacrosse is not using it.  If Lacrosse is using it, just go across the street to the open parch of grass on Graniteville Road (that is where we ended up a few weeks ago).  We will set up cones and make a go of it.  In the meantime, I will contact CYSA and see if we can get a field for real.

Remember, please bring a white and a dark shirt so we can even out teams.  Newcomers are welcome; bring a friend.   See you there!

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It’s Time!!!!

Well, March Madness is over, the Bruins have scratched their way into the playoffs, the Red Sox have started their season, so it must be time for us to get our fat butts off the sofa and play some pickup soccer!

I hope everyone had a relaxing and lazy winter. I have been so stagnant this winter that these first few weeks should be really painful. But my thought is that none of you got any exercise either so I won’t be alone.

So, for logistics, we will start by meeting at McCarthy Middle School artificial turf field at 9am this coming Sunday, April 9. I have not seen a schedule for it but I think it is free so far. If that field is occupied, we can move across the street to the Granitville Road HS practice fields (I will bring cones).

Please bring a white shirt and a dark (not gray) shirt so we can evenly divide up the teams. The temp should be around 50 degrees so not too bad.

Can’t wait to get started! See you there.

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Time for a break

Well, since the McCarthy School field is under snow, I guess we should consider taking this week off from our pickup soccer games.  And the next few Sundays may be tough considering they are Christmas day and New Years day.  So, lets take a break until the new year and we will see how the weather behaves at that time.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season!

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Lets keep playing

It should be approaching 40 deg tomorrow (eventually) and there should be less wind than last week so lets keep playing soccer.  As usual, 9am at McCarthy Middle School.  We played 8 v 8 last week.  It was a bit chilly but his week should be nicer, I think.  Please remember to bring a white and a dark shirt and feel free to bring a friend.  All are welcome.

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Run off that turkey

So, it looks like it will be in the mid-30’s Sunday morning, so lets kick the old turkey around – I mean, kick the old ball around.  The pickup soccer game will start at 9am at McCarthy Middle School artificial turf field.  Bring a dark and a white shirt and some layers of clothing to keep the chill off.  Get off that couch and run off that Thanksgiving dinner. All are welcome and bring a friend. See you there!

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What is the head count for Sunday?

Can we get a headcount for this Sunday at McCarthy? A nice chance to run around before Thanksgiving. Please indicate if you’re in for this week.

This time of year it is hard to say how long it will be until the weather turns on us. We should enjoy playing whilst we can. For this Sunday, the weather looks okay. Obviously, you’ll want long sleeves, but nobody was suffering from the cold last week. We were suffering from being out of shape, but not from the weather


Some college kids are home. Come on down! All of the high school seasons have ended. Come on down! With the number of players we have, my hope is that we can get a full 11 v. 11 game in this week. If you have not played in a bit, this is the perfect week to start again.

Try to get to the field by 8:45 so that we can start at 9:00.

Harrington is the back-up field if McCarthy is being used.


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