Let The Games Begin!

Well, spring is finally here and the Chelmsford soccer fields are open.  I am sure we all kept in tip-top shape by shoveling snow all winter so we should have no problem hitting the fields running.  CYSA has graciously assigned us Field 1 (8v8) at Murphy Fields (see the About/Directions menu item for where that is).  So, let’s play some soccer this Sunday (4/19) at 9AM.  Please bring a white (not gray) shirt and a colored shirt and some water and your joy of the game.  Play Ball (oops, wrong sport)!

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Packing it in until next spring

Unfortunately, we only had 6 people show interest in playing indoor soccer this winter. With the cost being ~180/hour, we would need a good 12 people to make it worth while. So, I guess we are calling it for the season. If we are lucky we will have a mild winter and the fields will open early next spring. Stay tuned to this blog for when and where we will pick it back up again.

Have a great holiday season and stay warm. MLS Cup is Sunday Dec. 7 at 3PM. GO REVS!!!

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Oops, forgot about the snow on the field.

OK, it was pointed out that there is still snow on the ground.  Good point.  Maybe we should take this week off. ;-)

Vyacheslov found that there is a chance for us to get an hour of time at Tyngsboro Sports Center on either Tuesday or Wednesday nights (7 or 8pm, I think).  If we can get about 10 people who can commit to showing up every week, we can reserve a time slot for pickup games.  Please reply to this post if you are interested.

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The Revs are Eastern Conference Champs…

… and we are on for pickup soccer tomorrow.  Weather should be mid-40’s and partly cloudy.  No reason we shouldn’t get another week out of this.  As usual, bring a dark and light shirt and a friend to Murphy field at 9am.

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We are on for 11/23/2014

So, I hear there has been good turnout the last few weeks.  I have been unable to attend but I intend to be at Murphy field tomorrow morning at 9am.  I hope we have a good turnout.  As usual, bring white and dark shirts.  See you there.  And bring a friend.

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Not done yet!

By popular demand, we are not calling it quits yet.  The weather should be good for soccer tomorrow and the pitch should be in good shape so lets try to get a few more weeks of soccer in before winter really sets in.   As always, bring a white and a dark shirt and be at Murphy field for kickoff at 9am.  Bring a friend.

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Nov 2 – Are we ready to call it a year?

Well folks, it is supposed to be in the mid-30’s, rainy, and windy tomorrow. Some may call that ideal soccer weather but I think I will be staying in bed. I am thinking we should at least take this week off (the field will be a mess after Saturday’s rain) and maybe even call it quits for the winter. We have had a great run; some really well attended games and some spirited small sided games as well. Lots of fun and only a few injuries (feeling better Roger?). Please reply to this post and let us know your thoughts – have we had enough?

Also, Go Revs! First playoff game today at 4pm vs. Columbus.

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