Thanksgiving Weekend Soccer

We had a lively 7 v 7 game last week and the weather seems to be holding out.  It should be in the mid-30’s on Sunday so let’s keep playing.  Last week’s game was at McCarthy Middle School turf field and that seemed to work well. Let’s play there again.  You college kids that are back for the long weekend, come out for a run before heading back to school.  And bring a friend.  All newcomers are welcome.  As usual bring a white shirt or dark shirt and water and let’s run off that turkey dinner.

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Still some interest in playing

So, I am hearing there is still some interest in playing our pickup game this week.   However, in the interest of not totally messing up the CYSA fields, we will meet at McCarthy Middle School to play on the turf field.  The weather forecast is a bit mixed so I am not sure what it will be like.  So, if you feel like giving it a try, lets meet at 9am at McCarthy and we will see how it goes.  I think this is the latest we have played into the fall.  Nice job!

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How about one more week…

So, it is November 14 and it is still pretty nice out. Sunday will be in the mid-40’s in the morning with no real chance of rain so why not come out for one more pickup game. Harrington Elementary School at 9am. Bring a white shirt and a dark shirt as usual. See you there!

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Still some good soccer yet to play

The weather should be great this Sunday for pickup soccer.  And remember, the clocks change Saturday/Sunday so you get to sleep an extra hour and still play – remember to set your clocks back an hour when you go to bed.  We most likely only have a few weeks left of good weather so lets take advantage of it while it lasts.

On another note, those of you that agreed to play O40 indoor soccer, play starts this coming Thursday (time is TBD).  Please bring your $85 fee to our Sunday pickup game on Sunday and give it to Lawrence so he can pay our entry fee for the team.

BTW, did you see Juan Agudelo’s goal for the Revs on Wed?  See it (and other game info) here and here.

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Great Fall for Soccer

This has been a great fall for our pickup games.  The weather has cooperated pretty well and attendance has been great!  Let’s keep it going this weekend.  It will finally be feeling like fall with temps in the mid-40’s but sunny.  9am start time as usual.  And bring a friend.  There is still plenty of room.

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Finalizing the Indoor Soccer Roster

Well, we are close to finalizing the roster and putting down the deposit for the indoor soccer.  Men’s O40 at Tyngsboro on Thursday nights.  So far, we have ten of the slots filled. Waiting to hear back from Nitin and Kaps.

  1. Lawrence
  2. Dave M.
  3. Jamie
  4. Joci Rosa
  5. Joel
  6. Rob
  7. Greg
  8. Vyach
  9. Micky
  10. Dave Barlow (each team can have one player over 35)

Cost is $825 per team. This includes refs. After the roster is settled, I’ll know everybody’s share before this Sunday’s game.  Everybody will need to get a membership card at Tyngsboro Sports Center. $20 cost.

If you’re playing, please send me your E-Mail and mobile phone numbers so that I can keep everybody directly informed. or 978 729-6805.



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Playing Indoor Soccer?

There has been some discussion about playing indoor soccer this winter.  Here are some options:

Here are our options locally: 

Sunday – Acton, Co-Ed A&B 

Monday – Acton, Co-Ed A, B, & C 

Tuesday – Acton, Men’s O40 A&B 

Wednesday – Acton, Men’s O50

If you are interested in any of these, please post a comment to this post and we will take a head count.  I don’t know the cost or the times but Lawrence may know.  Questions are welcome.

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