Great Turnout Last Week

The Mother’s Day Argument from the last blog post must have worked.  We had around 21 people show up to play last weekend and had a great, spirited game.   The participation of some young ladies was a reminder that this pickup game is not just for the guys.  Ladies, come on out and have a run.  The weather should be good this week as well.  So, bring a white and a dark shirt and some water for the 9AM start time to Murphy Field.  Once the CYSA season is over, we will try to get a larger field to support the increased numbers.  But Murphy Field will have to do for now.

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Planning for Mother’s Day

So, you are sitting around on a Friday night thinking how you would love to play soccer on Sunday morning but it is Mother’s Day.  Bummer, you may have to miss your pickup game.  But hold on!  Before you reject the idea of playing completely, let’s do a little rethink, here.  What would your wife/mother really want on Mother’s Day.  I can think of a few things:  1)  To sleep in and not be bothered until around 11:30AM.  2) To have their loved ones happy and energized, so they can make that special person a nice Mother’s day dinner (not breakfast).

Both of those can be accomplished if you come play soccer this Sunday at 9AM at Murphy field.  Just sneak out of the house – really quietly – and come play.  Then stop by and pick up groceries on the way home to cook whatever that special person wants for dinner.  It’s a win-win!!!  So, I hope you can make it.  I will be there.  Remember, bring a white and dark shirt and some water.  It is supposed to be hot!

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But It’s a Good Pain

This past Sunday’s game was perfect for playing. It was sunny and in the mid-60’s. We played 6v6 on the U12 field at Murphy Fields in Chelmsford and I must say, I am walking a bit slower today – the pain! It has been a long winter so we are still trying to get our legs under us, although the level of play is looking a bit better. We actually even had one of the college kids show up (way to go, Steve). Having him show up was like seeing the first robin of the spring. School must be almost over and the college gang will soon fly home for the summer – and start showing up for our pickup games, I hope.

For those of you that may not know the backstory to our Sunday morning games, it started many years ago as a way for some CYSA coaches, who spent all week watching kids play, to actually get on the field and play for themselves in a fun but competitive environment (no refs, keeping it fun). It has grown to include CYSA players, both past and present, and people from all over who just want to get touches on the ball. The game is open to everyone who loves soccer, with CYSA coaches, parents, and older CYSA players (ages 12+) especially welcome to attend.

We currently are playing at Murphy Fields (see directions via the About menu item) but note that we have been known to move fields from time to time so please subscribe to this blog so you will get notifications of any changes. To subscribe, please add your e-mail address to our spam-free private list using the button on the right side of the web page. You can manage your subscription by changing or deleting your e-mail at any time.

Games start at 9AM on Sunday mornings, weather permitting. We play white shirts vs. dark shirts so please bring one of each so that we can create even teams. As stated above, we are currently on the U12 field but if attendance increases as it usually does in the summer, we can try to move to a full 11v11 field. But for now, with most everyone out of shape, the smaller field is a good thing.

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment to this blog and someone will try to provide an answer. See you at the field!

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Perfect Day to Play

Tomorrow will be mid-60’s and sunny.  Perfect to play soccer.  So bring a dark and a white shirt, some water and a friend and we will play some pickup soccer.  We try to start at 9am so please get there a bit early to warm up.  See you there! (sorry for the late post)

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Week Two – shall we play?

Well, this Sunday’s weather forecast is for 50 deg with a small chance of rain, so I am thinking we should play.  But please check this blog in the morning.  If it is too messy I will post a cancellation around 8:15AM.  But if you don’t see any cancellation post, assume we will be playing.  Make sure you bring a white shirt and a dark shirt so we can divide up teams.  All are welcome.  Bring a friend.  See you at 9AM at Murphy field.

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Let The Games Begin!

Well, spring is finally here and the Chelmsford soccer fields are open.  I am sure we all kept in tip-top shape by shoveling snow all winter so we should have no problem hitting the fields running.  CYSA has graciously assigned us Field 1 (8v8) at Murphy Fields (see the About/Directions menu item for where that is).  So, let’s play some soccer this Sunday (4/19) at 9AM.  Please bring a white (not gray) shirt and a colored shirt and some water and your joy of the game.  Play Ball (oops, wrong sport)!

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Packing it in until next spring

Unfortunately, we only had 6 people show interest in playing indoor soccer this winter. With the cost being ~180/hour, we would need a good 12 people to make it worth while. So, I guess we are calling it for the season. If we are lucky we will have a mild winter and the fields will open early next spring. Stay tuned to this blog for when and where we will pick it back up again.

Have a great holiday season and stay warm. MLS Cup is Sunday Dec. 7 at 3PM. GO REVS!!!

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