Spring is (finally!) in the air…

Just a quick post to let everyone know that the Sunday pickup game is getting organized! We are awaiting a field assignment from CYSA, which should be coming within the next several weeks. As always, we will be playing on Sundays at 9 a.m.  CYSA coaches and older CYSA players (ages 12+) are especially welcome to attend–the pickup game has been running for many years so that coaches can have their own chance to get on the field and play the game. Please follow this blog by subscribing using the button on the right, and you will get once-a-week notifications about the game including information about the field assignments (which sometimes change) or weather/field conditions. Please spread the word so so that we have a great turnout for our first game!

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Happy Holidays and Enjoy the Winter Break!

Well it looks like our streak of playable weather late this fall has finally run out, with some snow on the ground and low temperatures tonight that will make the ground too frozen for soccer. It was inevitable, and the day has now come to hang up those outdoor cleats and call it a season.  I hope that those of us who are nursing injuries (myself included) can use the winter break to heal our tired bodies, so that next spring we can all be back on the field rarin’ to go.  In the meantime, I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful holiday season.

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December Pickup Soccer this Sunday, 12/1

Gotta love it when we have the chance to play into December! The forecast is for temps in the mid to high 30′s at game time and heading into the 40′s, with overcast skies, light winds, and a chance of a wintry mix. We won’t play if there’s any precipitation, but if it stays dry, we’re on! Check the website (www.chelmsfordsundaysoccer.com) for any updates by 8:30 a.m.

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Pickup Soccer on Sunday, 11/17

We had 13 players for last Sunday’s pickup game, and it looks like it will be unseasonably warm for this Sunday’s game so it should be a good turnout.  The forecast is for temps approaching 50 at gametime (50!  In mid-November!), with the chance of morning fog and showers.  If it’s very foggy or the rain is coming down hard, then check back here for an update; otherwise assume that the game is on.  It’s possible that I may delay the start by an hour if that’s going to allow us to get the game in.  Hope you can make it!

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Want to play Indoors on Sunday mornings this winter in Tyngsboro?

Vyach has posted the following message:


As discussed this morning – there is an option to play at the Tyngsboro Sports Center on Sundays at 7:00 AM. Cost per hour is approximately $10 per person for 1 hour (or $15 for 1.5 hrs; or $80 for 2 months; $135 per hour total).

Please send me an email (vmayorskiy at comcast.net) if you are interested – I’d like to see if we can get numbers.


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Pickup Soccer is ON this morning at South Row

We’ll take weather in the 40s and a break in the clouds all the way down to South Row field this morning for our 9 a.m. pickup game. I just checked and last year our last pickup game was on 12/8…global warming does have its benefits. Hope you can make it!

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It’s November…No Excuses!

Yes, it’s cold out there this morning and there’s a bit of drizzle, but hey, it’s November, where every day that it’s not dumping rain or snow is a gift. This is EPL weather, and you need to come out and play because very soon, it will not be an option and you’ll regret not taking advantage of every last chance to get on the field. 9:00 a.m. at South Row.

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