Playing Indoor Soccer?

There has been some discussion about playing indoor soccer this winter.  Here are some options:

Here are our options locally: 

Sunday – Acton, Co-Ed A&B 

Monday – Acton, Co-Ed A, B, & C 

Tuesday – Acton, Men’s O40 A&B 

Wednesday – Acton, Men’s O50

If you are interested in any of these, please post a comment to this post and we will take a head count.  I don’t know the cost or the times but Lawrence may know.  Questions are welcome.

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Another Field Change (Harrington)

CYSA was made aware of the scheduling conflict we had with the goalie training last week and has asked us to move to Harrington School field starting this week.  We can use whichever fields meet our numbers.  We have had good turnout for the fall – around 16 or so last week.  The weather is suppose to stay nice this weekend so I hope you can all come out to Harrington Elementary School fields for a good pickup game.  As always, bring both dark and white shirts so we can get even teams (not gray!).  9AM start time.

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Our Game is Moving to South Row

I heard back from CYSA and they suggest that we play on the U12 field at South Row.  My hope is that, with kids back in school, numbers will be down a bit and we will fit just fine.  I will try to update the directions on the main menu for those that don’t know where South Row Elementary School is in Chelmsford.  Any GPS system should be able to find it.

So, 9am this Sunday at South Row school.  Please remember to bring a white and a colored shirt and water.  Supposed to be hot (I think).

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Still Playing at McCarthy Middle School

Oops, I forgot to post the outcome of our discussion of moving the location of our pickup game.  For at least this week, we will continue playing at McCarthy Middle School.  Pop Warner Football will be kicking us off that field in a few weeks and by then we should know where CYSA would prefer us to play on a “real” grass field.

So, again, 9AM today at McCarthy (see directions on the menu item above).  Bring a dark and a white shirt and have a great run!

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Great Summer of Soccer

The last few weeks have seen some great pickup soccer games.  We have been playing full field at McCarthy Middle School with full teams.  Let’s keep it up this weekend with another spirited game on Sunday at 9AM at McCarthy.  Remember to bring a white shirt and a colored shirt so we can even out the teams.   And plenty of water.  It is hotter on the artificial turf field than the grass we are used to.  It should be a good day to play!

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July 4th weekend game

What better way to celebrate our nations independence than playing pickup soccer!  It looks like the weather should be good (unlike the last two weeks).  Apparently we had a few die-hards last weekend that played in the rain.  Nice job.

So, remember we are playing at McCarthy Middle School at 9am.  Also, please recall that we have renewed our insurance policy for the year.  If you haven’t chipped in yet, please bring some $$ to help cover the cost ($40 for non-students; $20 for students).  Remember, this covers us until July 2016.

See you there!

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Rain may let up just in time

The weather forecast shows it may stop raining from 9am to 11am on Sunday.  Just enough time to play some soccer.  So, let’s meet at McCarthy Middle School at 8:45 (a little early to check if someone else is using the field).  If it is being used, we will go up the road to IACS to play.  See the Directions menu item for addresses.  Remember to bring a white and a dark shirt.  Looking forward to a good run!

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