Summer Turnout

It has been a while since there has been a post. The early summer has seen great turnout each week and with our move to Murphy’s 11 v 11 field, we have had some good games. Last week we saw a dip in attendance, most likely due to summer vacations. But we still has enough to place ~10 v 10. Even with lower numbers we can move the goals around to make the field “right sized” for the turnout.

It looks like the weather will continue to be our friend this coming weekend with mid-70’s and sunny. Game time is 9AM and as usual, bring both a white and dark shirt and plenty of water.

Usually, we have a scrimmage against some fellow soccer enthusiasts from Wilmington (I think) late each summer. Lawrence is making arrangements for that to happen either next week or the week after. Hopefully before the college kids take off. Stay tuned for more information on that.

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July 4th Weekend

We took a vote after last week’s pickup game and there was enough interest in playing this week, so we are on for Sunday, July 6th.  See you at 9AM.  It should be a great day to play.  As always, please bring both white and colored shirts and plenty of water.  We are still playing at Murphy Field.  See directions on the main menu.

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Moving to Murphy Field this week

Looks like this will be a wonderful Sunday for soccer.  We have been watching World Cup all week; now it is time to try out some moves of our own.  Remember, we are moving to Murphy Field this week and for the rest of the summer.  Follow this link for directions.

Remember to bring a white and dark shirt and plenty of water (it will be pretty hot).  We start at 9AM as usual.  See you there.

USA, USA, USA! (I believe that we can win!!)


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Father’s Day Soccer

Yes, tomorrow is Father’s Day so what would you like to do on that special day?  Play soccer, of course.  So, bring white and dark color shirts and water for 9AM to Harrington School fields (not Murphy yet) ready to play.  See you there.

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World Cup Warmup

So, the World Cup starts this week and since we didn’t make the 23 man roster for the US, let’s do one better and play pickup soccer this Sunday at 9AM at Harrington fields.  As usual, bring a white and a colored shirt and water.

I hear this week that we will move to Murphy field starting June 29th so we will have a full field to play on.  That is great news.

Just a reminder that we will need to renew the insurance policy this month for the next year.  If you are not a currently active CYSA coach or player, we are asking that you chip in to cover the cost of the insurance (currently active CYSA members are already covered by CYSA).  If you are a student, $20 will do.  If you are an adult, we would like $40.  This will cover pickup soccer for this summer and fall and next sprint as well.  So that is a lot of soccer for not much money.

I look forward to a good run tomorrow.  See you there and go USA!

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Great turnout last week

We have had great turnouts the last few weeks.   We can make a plea for a move to Murphy in a few weeks for a bigger field but for now we will continue to enjoy Harrington fields.  Game is on Sunday 9am.  Bring dark and white shirts (not striped) and water.   Both Lawrence and Bruce are away this week so hold on to any money until next week.   Enjoy.

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Memorial Day Weekend – Let’s Play

I am sure many of you are busy on this long holiday weekend but I am sure some of us can find some time for a run Sunday morning at 9AM at Harrington School fields. The weather prediction says there should be a window of no rain in the morning so let’s do it. Bring water, dark and white shirts (remember, gray is neither dark or white). See you there.

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