We are on for 11/23/2014

So, I hear there has been good turnout the last few weeks.  I have been unable to attend but I intend to be at Murphy field tomorrow morning at 9am.  I hope we have a good turnout.  As usual, bring white and dark shirts.  See you there.  And bring a friend.

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Not done yet!

By popular demand, we are not calling it quits yet.  The weather should be good for soccer tomorrow and the pitch should be in good shape so lets try to get a few more weeks of soccer in before winter really sets in.   As always, bring a white and a dark shirt and be at Murphy field for kickoff at 9am.  Bring a friend.

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Nov 2 – Are we ready to call it a year?

Well folks, it is supposed to be in the mid-30’s, rainy, and windy tomorrow. Some may call that ideal soccer weather but I think I will be staying in bed. I am thinking we should at least take this week off (the field will be a mess after Saturday’s rain) and maybe even call it quits for the winter. We have had a great run; some really well attended games and some spirited small sided games as well. Lots of fun and only a few injuries (feeling better Roger?). Please reply to this post and let us know your thoughts – have we had enough?

Also, Go Revs! First playoff game today at 4pm vs. Columbus.

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Still plenty of soccer to play

Fall has settled in but there is still plenty of soccer to be played.  So let’s gather at Murphy field for a pickup game at 9AM Sunday 10/19.  As always, please bring a dark and white shirt, a friend, and a passion to play the game.

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Columbus Day Weekend

Should be a good day for soccer this Sunday.  60’s and sunny.  We played a fun game of 4 v 4 last week and we all said we would be back this week.  I hope some more of you can join us.  As always, bring dark and white shirts (and a friend).

See you at Murphy field at 9am.

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Fall weather is here – should be nice to play

Hi all. Mid-50’s and sunny is what I see for weather tomorrow. I am in the mood to play soccer. Anyone else? I haven’t been able to attend the last few weeks so I don’t know what the attendance has been like. I hope you can come out and play. Bring both white and dark shirts as usual. And bring a friend. See you there. 9AM at Murphy field.

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Beautiful weather for soccer

Hi all.  I see the weather will be more like summer than fall this Sunday.  Mid-seventies and sunny.  Let’s enjoy it while we can.  Bring both dark and white shirts and a friend this Sunday at 9AM for a kick around.  It has been fun but the numbers are a bit light of late.  So drag yourself out of bed this weekend.  You will not regret it.  Murphy field at 9AM.

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